Security Vulnerability Scan

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Scan from Outside the Firewall

The AlertSite® Security Vulnerability Scan identifies vulnerabilities in real time, categorizes the risks and provides solutions or recommendations to keep your website hacker-safe.

Our scan ensures that your websites, servers, routers, firewalls and Internet-connected devices are free of known vulnerabilities. It also determines whether your site passes the SANS Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities list as defined by SANS, the FBI and FedCIRC.

Security Vulnerability Scan Features and Benefits

AlertSite's Security Scan offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective security scanning service for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It:

  • Sends immediate alerts and email notifications daily or weekly when security status changes are detected.
  • Scans from outside the firewall.
  • Examines all Internet-connected devices, ports, routers and firewalls.
  • Reports on detected services, open IP ports and vulnerabilities.
  • Excludes false-positive vulnerabilities from future scans.
  • Includes on-demand scanning.
  • Requires no software to install, configure or maintain.
  • Provides daily or weekly reports.
  • Updates database daily.

The robust and accurate AlertSite Security Vulnerability Scan runs on optimized Linux servers.