DéjàNotes helps you annotate DéjàClick™ scripts. It is an easy-to-use and efficient tool for adding comments, instructions and detailed messages to DéjàClick scripts. The "notes" appear as an overlay on the screen, popping up at user-specified times during script replays.

The content of notes can range from simple messages, to directions, to images, hyperlinks and videos.

You Control the Notes

Designate when notes will appear within a script, where each note will appear on the screen, the length of each note's duration on-screen and the size, shape and color of each note. Get started by clicking on the "Notes" button – found in the DéjàClick toolbar.

DéjàNotes Example

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DéjàNotes Features and Benefits

With DéjàNotes, you can:

  • Resize, change, delete and move notes around with ease.
  • Make notes as simple or complex as needed. They can contain brief comments, important references or even detailed instructions with hyperlinks.
  • Set the font type, font size, text color and background color of each note, as well as the style: sticky, balloon, thought, annotate or plain.
  • Designate precisely when notes appear within scripts, and how long they remain on-screen.
  • Determine whether script playback pauses, stops or continues when notes appear.
  • View all script, action or event notes on the DéjàClick "bulletin board."
  • Include images, videos, input fields and forms within notes using the 'HTML Markup Mode' option.
  • Feature "default" content, such as signature fields.