Help - Status Codes

A status other than 0 would indicate that either the site was unreachable, experiencing errors, or that the request did not return the expected results. We issue 1 retry for every test that fails. We also request "Remote Verification Stations" for validation of the error.

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0 Site responded normally to all tests
1 TCP connection failed
2 Test timed out
3 Invalid response from server
5 Validation failed
6 No response from server
7 HTTP error from web server
8 Web site is redirected (warning)
9 Ping failed (site is not responding)
20 Selenium Specific Error
21 Selenium Startup Error
51 Unable to resolve IP address
99 Unable to ping from location

The following transaction status codes pertain to browser timeouts.
80 Browser event timeout encountered
82 Page took too long to load
83 Firefox event notification did not occur
84 Page location did not change when expected
85 Expected page updates did not occur
86 Network activity did not stop
89 Internal Browser timeout

The following are additional transaction status codes.
81 Maximum transaction time was exceeded
90 Unexpected processing exception occurred
91 Minimum match score not met
92 Maximum number of skipped events exceeded
93 Missing instruction for dialog prompt
94 Maximum transaction steps exceeded
95 Unable to monitor from chosen station
96 Unable to parse transaction XML
97 Target page element was not found

The following codes are displayed to show verify and notification status.
70 Remote verification did not detect an error. No alert is generated
71 Remote verification has confirmed an error. Alert is generated
72 Remote verification response was not received. Alert is generated
73 Remote verification response was invalid. Alert is generated
79 Remote verification was unavailable. Alert is generated
98 Notification (alert) was generated

The following code applies to devices set to SLA (MultiPOP) or Round Robin Monitoring Type, or if rotated locations are set.
9095 Unable to run test from chosen monitoring location

Devices configured for Mobile Device monitoring may see alert statuses in their Detail Report with 4-digit status codes beginning with "50". The last 2 digits (XX) are interpreted using AlertSite status codes above.
50XX Mobile Device error where XX corresponds to the codes above
5300 Service Execution Error

Devices configured for SoapUI monitoring may see alert statuses in their Detail Report with 4-digit status codes beginning with "6".
6060 SoapUI-specific error
6061 SoapUI startup error
6501 Property Validation Failed
6502 Binary Validation Failed
6503 Complex Validation Failed
6510 HTTP Download Failed
6520 JDBC Status Error
6521 JDBC Timeout
6530 JMS Status Error
6531 JMS Timeout
6540 JsonPathCount Failed
6541 JsonPathExistence Match Failed
6542 JsonPathMatch Failed
6544 JsonPathRegEx Match Failed
6550 Script Assertion Error
6560 Sensitive Information Exposure
6570 SLA Timeout
6580 Not SOAP Fault Error
6581 SOAP Fault Error
6582 SOAP Request Error
6583 SOAP Response Error
6584 WS-Addressing Request Error
6585 WS-Addressing Response Error
6586 WS-Security Status Error
6587 Schema Compliance Error
6590 XPath Match Failed
6591 XQuery Match Failed

Additionally, devices with optional Fullpage Monitoring may see alert statuses in their Detail Report or Fullpage Report with 4 digit status codes beginning with "7".
70XX Page object error where XX corresponds to the codes above
7121 Object length changed
7122 Missing object
7123 New object found
7130 No fullpage objects found
7202 Fullpage Timeout

ServerAgent produces its own unique set of status codes to alert users to potential issues requiring attention.
4030 Warning threshold exceeded for monitored item
4040 Error threshold exceeded for monitored item
4050 Reported results were not received when expected
4059 Ping failed (server not reporting)

Security Devices produce three types of results.
HIGH High-risk Vulnerabilities detected
MEDIUM Medium-risk Vulnerabilities detected
INFO Informational messages