AlertSite Monitoring Suite

At AlertSite®, we make it simple to optimize your Web-based services. In addition, we offer detailed reporting and extensive global monitoring to ensure that your site consistently performs at the preferred levels.

Web Site Performance Monitor

Provides an end-to-end perspective of Web site performance and availability by monitoring from multiple locations simultaneously. Generates instant notifications of errors or slowdowns.

SLA Performance Monitor

Measures and reports SLA compliance, correlates errors across locations and monitors true uptime.

Server Availability Monitor

Makes sure your Web sites, servers and Internet-connected devices are always up and running 24/7.

Business Transaction Monitor

Monitor your business transactions with DéjàClick to ensure success. DéjàClick works within the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is compatible with nearly every major operating system, including Windows, MacOSX, UNIX and Linux. Using AlertSite's proprietary TrueUser™ technology, DéjàClick tests, records and plays back critical Web transactions.

E-mail Monitor

Ensures that your e-mail systems are sending and receiving mail 24/7.