Behind the Firewall

Having the ability to conduct website performance monitoring from inside your firewall enables you to monitor devices and sites not visible from the network.

InSite by AlertSite

InSite by AlertSite delivers a 360-degree perspective into performance and availability. By installing InSite within the data center, administrators can compare metrics from behind their firewall with similar measurements taken from outside their network. InSite by AlertSite is a portable website monitoring station, literally "in a box." Carry this monitoring station to any location-whether it's a client's facility or your own data center-and then measure and monitor your applications.


ServerAgent monitors the performance of devices not visible from the network, including CPUs and disks, and ensures your server is up and running. ServerAgent monitors internal server metrics every minute, and then delivers real-time alerts based on preset warnings and error thresholds.

AlertSite's Website Performance Monitor, DéjàClick™, and ServerAgent provide a comprehensive view of your online environment to help you quickly identify system failures and optimize overall service delivery.